Here's the New design concept of the iPhone 7

Here's the New design concept of the iPhone 7

GadgetXp - For those of you who are fond of looking for design concepts of independent devices that have not been released, this is already available under the design concept of the iPhone. Yes, although the device is still a long time Apple was introduced by an artistalready imagine how design which was later expected to be offered.

This concept device design based on the design of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, which raised design glass material for the back of the device. Besides iPhone design 6 alsodonated parts are metal frame that surrounds the entire device. iPhone 7 is alsodepicted using Apple A10 QuadHD Chip, Retina, camera iSight, 16MP and it also comes Apple's dock as a wireless-charging.

Snapdragon Chipsets supported 810, this Speed OnePlus 2

Snapdragon Chipsets supported 810, this Speed OnePlus 2

GadgetXp - OnePlus 2 confirmed will be sustained processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810.Outstanding issue that the chipset is the main factor that makes a number ofpremium devices are experiencing overheating. But the OnePlus claim can resolve the issue.

Considering a smartphone is not yet officially launched, but thanks to information about processor specs that appear, at least the CPU speed of 2 OnePlus predictably.

The process of with different themes, making OnePlus 2 not much more powerfulthan its predecessor, in which experiencing overheating problems on the side.Snapdragon 810 chipset itself is not to be taken lightly.

As it known, OnePlus One reinforced processor Snapdragon 801. While the processorembedded in Snapdragon 810 has 1.55 GHz clock speed.

The challenges currently faced by the OnePlus is looking for ways to temper theoverheating. OnePlus earlier revealed that they do some physical improvement to prevent overheating, such as using the thermal gel and graphite are strategically placed in the smartphone.

To quote the page Ubergizmo, Wednesday (22/7/2015), OnePlus 2 is expected to bepromulgated on 27 July 2015.

Nintendo Would Release A Smartphone?

Nintendo Would Release A Smartphone?

GadgetXpImagine what happens when a giant console game companies originating from Japan, such as Nintendo decided to make the device a smartphoneNot long ago appeared a concept device that its shape looks like a mix betweeninteresting modern smartphone and Nintendo Game BoyTo quote the page Mirror, Wednesday (22/7/2015), the design concept designed by designer Pierre Cerveau and posted on Reddit social networking.

Nintendo Smart Boy Concept ( dirumorkan device would function like a smartphone, and cleverly Cerveauadding clip-on controllers effectively turned it into a complete handheld console.

Nintendo Smart Boy Concept (, this is but a mere concept and Nintendo itself does not yet have plans to build a cell phone. Although the company acknowledges it is preparing to release avariety of games for smartphones.

Nintendo Smart Boy Concept ( few weeks later these Nintendo also makes gamers were surprised, where it is revealed that Nintendo ever working on a PlayStation console. The console was in factnever encountered physically in the market. 

About this console is only a prototype, then the value of this console is very high and thus rare. The funny thing is, the design of the console is more inclined toSNESconsole even shows the Sony logo on the console and its controllers.

However, on the back of the controller, it appears the Nintendo logo writings that areclearly revealed that the console is indeed the official prototype is a collaboration between Nintendo and Sony.