Archos, The First Smartphone Using Windows Phone 10

GadgetXp - A French manufacturer named Archos, known terjangkaunya, smartphone device will re-create the new smartphone product that makes its users busy for searching for information about him. Has the nickname name Archos 50 Cesium, smart phones this one is said to be the first smartphone in the world which would synchronize all components which have hardware with the latest windows phone operating (Windows Phone).

As reported by reason of PhoneArena pages, Archos 50 Cesium was declared the world's first smartphone that uses Windows Phone OS 10, due to her obvious in an apparition, already running Windows Phone 10 legally and clearly. In addition, to attract more perhaian from the users of smartphones, later during the IFA event in the title of his latest smartphone, Archos accompanies this specification sufficiently tough processed mid range in the kitchen runway 50 Cesium.

Archos 50 Cesium

Where didalmnya has embedded chipset Snapdragon 210 with four cores, capable of running in a clock speed of 1.1 GHz. then to maximize the performance of motion or Archos 50 Cesium, French manufacturers also add ram 1 GB large, and to compensate for the kitchen runway from Archos 50 Cesium, provided extensive storage space and loose her, to facilitate users in storing various files without mengkhawtirkan the remaining memory space Moreover, users can also extend it with micro sd through external slot available in its body.

Despite the slide in the classification of the intermediate, Archos smartphones while delivering full-featured on the side of connectivity, there are Features such as Dual SIM, can you guys do as users can connect it with fast internet access in the form of 4 g LTE. Then on the side of the camera, the camera-equipped 50 Cesium Archos main camera and 8MP selfie of 2MP, which supplemented the battery capacity of 2100 mAh. Oiya, on the side of a visual display, Archos Cesium equip themselves with 50 panel screen 5 inch HD-capable 720 x 1280 pixels.

Archos 50e Helium

How does PAL? specifications which have not qualified enough?, and you guys need to know, the Archos also has been preparing for the twinning of 50 Cesium, namely Archos 50e Helium, which both have twin indentik, is distinguished above the operating system that is used by him. Due to 50e Helium by archos Android OS provided Lollipop, but for other specs match exactly with what is owned by 50 Cesium.

Tertarikah you guys with smart phones from French manufacturer?. Questioning will be priced out of both, according to the information sheet we got 50, Archos Cesium and 50e Helium would dibanderol around £ 99 or if made in the form of dollars to $ 150, but it's pretty unfortunate, latest news mentions new addition to be unveiled at the IFA in berlin, later the smartphone from the Archos also will be marketed in the uk.

2 Series Tablet Latest Pro Microsoft Surface Has More Screen Width

GadgetXp - Updated news coming from Taiwan where Microsoft is gearing up to 2 tablets Series Surface pro which has a larger screen. The information we got from phonearena site (26/08/2015) whereby Microsoft did make this latest series of Surface with a larger screen so that it is able to satisfy its users. large-screened at the end of the year. This information reinforced from Digitimes last quote which States Microsoft have already ordered 2 pieces the size of a tablet to a local vendor.

Allegedly one of the newest Surface series tablet will have a 12 inch screen is the same as Microsoft Surface Pro series 3. The other series and is expected to again be reinforced with a bigger screen i.e. 13 or 14 inch. If viewed from a larger, measuring it is possible Microsoft Surface Pro will be released as a tablet laptop hybrid series alias. But the opposite can also be product tablet Surface series because you guys can see the view from a Non pro series which are usually smaller, measuring.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Unfortunately in terms of specifications of Microsoft Surface Pro has not been disclosed in palpable so up to this point is still a mystery. But from rumors circulating this product could have been equipped with specifications to resemble a laptop. Estimated Surface Pro will come with a processor Intel Core i3 or i5 Skylake even i7. And if it does occur, the processor automatically use RAm or storage media can be improved. This is particularly likely to happen karen series predecessor namely Microsoft Surface Pro 3 already comes standard specification for Windows 10.

Automatic Surface latest Pro series will also have a specification that does not vary much with Microsoft Surface Pro series 3. It seems Microsoft Surface Pro series will be interesting to be listened to because Microsoft may be changing the look of this product so that consumers are interested in buying it. As you can see on the display of the Microsoft Surface Pro charming 3 provided with sturdy design, the screen, the choice of the best specification qualified and comfortable to work with the productivity of its users.

The operating system also influence was dominant on Microsoft Surface Pro series which improve performance globally. Hopefully this is followed the latest Pro Microsoft Surface so users of this tablet will be much more satisfied. Microsoft also faced tough competition because Apple iPad Pro will soon be launched. But Microsoft remains optimistic was able to master the market of hybrid devices. The end result only consumers who can assess which products are worthy of wielding the best Hybrid devices.

Lenovo Battery 5000mAh P1 has a Vibe and 3 GB RAM

GadgetXp - It seems the event IFA 2015 in Berlin will be the most exciting event fight between world class Vendors in introducing their latest Smartphone innovation to attract people's interest to select it. Previously there were already rumours that Apple, Sony, HTC and Huawei will introduce their latest gerasi Smartphone. And this time dirumorkan will introduce the Lenovo Lenovo Vibe P1 in order to compete with these five vendors.

Rumors of Lenovo growing P1 Vibe today, Android mobile phone capacity 5000 mAh is already listed in stores of HP in China, even those already shows the specifications of Lenovo Vibe P1. Lenovo Vibe P1 is rumored to be carrying 5.5 Inches screen with a Full HD resolution and wear type of screen technology IPS. In sector performance, he will be presenting a captivating multimedia performance thanks to the use of the Snapdragon chipset 615 based Octa Core 1.5 GHz.

Whereas in its internal memory, he is rumored to have only 1 version alone i.e. Lenovo Vibe 16 GB P1 where P1 is still faithful to Vibe with support microsd slot which currently feature has been eliminated by many other Smartphone Vendors. Like a GadgetXp quotation from Gizmochina that Lenovo Vibe P1 will be provided 3 GB of RAM. of course this Smartphone will be multitasking performance is very good.
Lenovo Battery 5000mAh P1 has a Vibe and 3 GB RAM

Lenovo Vibe P1

REC in the sector itself, Lenovo Vibe P1 will rely on the main camera resolution 13 MP who already provided features Dual LED Flash as well as Phase Detection Auto Focus. The front camera use lenses 5 MP resolution. As we say in the title, that Lenovo Vibe P1 has the specialty sector of its battery capacity 5000 mAh. For the size of 5.5 Inches, the Smartphone that capacity is very large. It would be more worthwhile if Lenovo Vibe P1 equipped features fast charging sehinggat users goes without worrying anymore problems battery durability and pengisiannya.

In addition to the provided battery capacity is very large, Lenovo will P1 Vibe reportedly provided the fingerprint sensor in which he put the home button the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Lenovo Vibe P1 will run on Android Lollipop v 5.1 and will wear Vibe UI version 2.68.

Talk about the price of Lenovo Lenovo price P1, the Vibe the Vibe P1 at the figure of USD 310. Telalu not expensive for a promising Smartphone battery life performance and multi tasking that smoothly. Then mampukah Lenovo could a show of teeth at the IFA in berlin 2015 which will begin to be held in September 2014 by bringing Smartphone Lenovo Vibe P1?

Rumor Samsung Galaxy Mega Specifications On

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Mega On

GadgetXp - The news regarding the specification of Samsung Galaxy Mega On eventuallyleaked to the public. As the information we lansir from GSMarena (25/08/2015),showed that the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 it will again carry thelarge size screen, with a span of roughly 5.5 inch screen. Its screen size is indeedmade much smaller than the Galaxy Mega 2 previously carrying the screenlonger. Unfortunately, for the size of its screen resolution is still limited to 720 p HD.

For a more GadgetXp companions glad sailing jumbo smartphones wearmandatory, consider purchasing this phone. Although the leaked specifications ofSamsung Galaxy Mega On yet in confirmation by the Samsung, however does not cover the possibility of this phone will be equipped the same processor asthe Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy E5 A3, i.e. a 64-Bit processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 that has a 4 core processor with 1.2 Ghz.

The information we get, it also said that Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 One also features a Ram for 1.5 Ghz and intenal memory storage 8 GB which can beexpanded through microSD memory slot. When compared with the specifications of the Galaxy Mega 2, visible presence of a decrease in the capacity of theinternal memory, and both adopted the processor Snapdragon 410, so chances are the price of Samsung Galaxy Mega can dibanderol On cheaper.

For in terms of design, the Galaxy Mega On will have a thinner design with athickness of 8.9 mm and weighs 145 grams. As for the ratio of dimensions are77.5 x 8.2 x 151.9 mm, so it will still feels good though the screen size is large enough. Behind bodi berketebalan 8.2 mm, Samsung reportedly have included3,000 mah battery was notabennya greater than the property of Galaxy Mega 2measuring 2800 mAh.

Next up on the side of the camera, Samsung will purchase the Galaxy Mega withthe main camera 13 Megapixel and 5-Megapixel camera selfie. Already the starch, Samsung will add various features such as led lights flash, and autofocus.Interestingly, the power of the smartphone's camera is better than Galaxy Mega2, which still adopt the primary 8 MP camera and a secondary camera 1.3 MP, soautomatic photo quality and video footage will be much higher quality.

As the latest smartphone in the year-end 2015, expected Specifications Samsung Galaxy Mega has been supported On the Android operating system and the internet access technology Lollipop 4 g LTE, as well as Dual Sim feature. Needbuddy know, chances are the specs above, can still be changed, becauseSamsung has not issued official associated phablet update. So much the better, we look forward to course attendance suksesor Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 in the near future.

The Leaked Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Grand On

The Leaked Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Grand On

GadgetXp - Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Grand On finally revealed through an information GadgetXp quoted of Sammobile (27/08/2015). On such information,mentioned that the Galaxy Grand occasions On bebarengan will be released with the series Galaxy O else, namely the Galaxy Mega 2 On. Kedunya indeedprojected as the latest lineup to fill the middle market segment to the bottom, as well as the series the Galaxy the Galaxy Mega and Grand prior.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Grand On that has the code series SM-G550,kabarya will come the screen HD (1280 x 720 pixels) of roughly 5 inches. Screenresolution far better than Galaxy Grand Prime who still wears the screen 5 InchqHD resolution (960 x 540 pixels). Consequently, the sharpness of the screenboth will be quite different, because the Galaxy Grand One has higher screendensity reaches-267 pixels per inch.

In the kitchen was, Galaxy Grand On Samsung Exynos chipset powered will anQuad Core processor with a speed of 1.3 Ghz. Additionally, this smartphone alsorely on Ram of 1 GB and the Mali graphics processing-T720. If the leakedspecifications of Samsung Galaxy Grand On the proven to be true, then it is likelyperformance of this phone will not be much different from the Samsung GalaxyJ2 are both provided an Exynos Chipset.

Armed with a 5 inch screen with resolution of exposure is large enough, surelythe Galaxy Grand On will be able to continue the success of the Samsung GalaxyGrand Prime, who first released one year ago. Interestingly, the Galaxy Grand Onthe same camera equipped like the Grand Prime, namely camera selfie 5 Megapixel main camera and 8 Megapixel autofocus capability fed, LED Flash, andcan already be used Full HD 1080 p video recording.

Unfortunately the look out Samsung Galaxy Grand On will be thicker, becausethis phone has dimensions measuring body 142 × 71.9 × 8.5 mm and weighs around 140 grams. Behind the body, Samsung has included a battery capacity of2600 mah notabennya also owned Grand Galaxy of previous generations.Although its size is the same, but the durability of the battery will not be the same, since both are wearing the type of chipset and processr differently.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Grand On the side of the software, will be reinforced by the Android operating system with overlay V5.1 Lollipop Interface TouchWiz UI. The combination of hardware and software components used this phone would make a Grand Galaxy On performance will be very responsive andfast.

ZTE Axon Became One Of The Pre-eminent In The IFA

ZTE Axon

GadgetXp - Best smartphone product has amazing specs that are able to satisfy its users. Allsmartphone vendors race offer high end products with exceptional ability. The details of the specification very note start speed of the processor, the size of RAMand storage capacity are qualified. Some time ago the world was shocked by theAxon ZTE series includes three series of smartphones and 1 piece seriessmartwatch.

Series smartphones announced at once, namely ZTE Axon Pro first then ZTE ZTEAxon and Axon Lux Mini. At the IFA event will be held on 4 – 9 September 2015this ZTE ready made series of Axon as a mainstay to compete with othersmartphone vendors. This was confirmed by an alert from gsmarena(27/08/2015) which claimed that ZTE Axon will become the main flagship vendorZTE. In addition there are several series of Axon still other series such as ZTEBlade, Nubia and the latest Spro projector.

ZTE Axon will become the first Flagship phones to be released globally by ZTE.Although China appears to be derived from ZTE would go up prestige with theZTE series Axon because as ever GadgetXp discuss this series cell phones havehigh specifications and are able to beat some of the premium series from other vendors. As for the secondary series ZTE Blade Series V6 entrust as the mainstay,in addition the phone also has a size thinner than any other series of ZTE BLade.

A matter of course you guys don't specification v series ZTE Axon because ifviewed from the Prosaja series are already equipped with a processor COre with a GPU capable of Octa, extraordinary series is also equipped with 4 GB of RAM for wonderful isn't it? In addition to the series of ZTE Axon it seems vendors isChina will also introduce some Nubian series where not known globally. The mainweapon with ZTE Axon and support quality series such as Nubia series this vendor is ready to shake up world markets.

Aside from the ZTE smartphone category will also display the smart projectorcalled the ZTE Spro 2. Actually smart proyentor is already available but it seemsthe ZTE would like to get a wider response with mengeluarkanya at the IFA Eventthis year. ZTE series Axon seems appropriate if dubbed one of the best phonesthis year because the specifications and performance

The Latest Smartphone Sony Release September 2?

The Latest Smartphone Sony Release September 2?

GadgetXp - Sony reportedly will soon launch a series of the latest smartphone with camera abilities capable of coming in September in Berlin, Germany. The report comes after the original Sakura company's ' Twitter ' via the social networking Twitter related a smartphone with the ability to focus the camera is far superior than any that exist in the market.

Reported by Mashable, Wednesday (27/8/2015), Sony Xperia Twitter United Kingdom account posting a smartphone that was taking photo panorama Brandenburg Gate Germany. Photos posted of it also seems to intentionally made blur to taste the public lover of gadgets.

In the photo, there is also a description of, "be prepared for a smartphone with great focus. Everything will be ' clear ' on 2 September 2015 ".

After Twitter was spread in the virtual realm, it appears the alleged that Sony will launch the flagship smartphone Xperia Z5. However, if instead of Xperia Z5, then most likely launched special-capable smartphone is photography.

The Brandenburg Gate into a background photo of any estimated as a clue that the latest smartphone that will be introduced in Berlin, Germany, on 2 September.

However, it is not yet known for certain whether the smartphone bandwagon it will enliven the event IFA 2015 that was held two days later. As is known, the IFA 2015 will be held 4-9 September 2015, and it is believed there will be a lot of latest products from various vendors smartphone appears on the event.