Android Update List Marshmallows To Sony Xperia - Good news for users of smartphones Sony Xperia, because Sony has released a list of Android updates his smartphone to Marshmallows, the day after Google's Android operating system provide an update of the Marshmallow on the Nexus, including Nexus and Nexus 6. Unfortunately the information we lansir from Phonearena,smartphone Sony just showed the middle class and above can use the Android operating system 6.0.

Although for a while it's not yet too many Smartphones Sony that will get the Android operating system update the Marshmallow, but Sony is promising to continue to addto the list of device that can sample the latest Android operating system. Well for those of you who are curious, what smartphone Sony which certainly will get an Update to Android Marshmallows, please you guys check out the list below.

List Of Android Update Marshmallow Sony Xperia

Android Marshmallow Sony Xperia
Android Marshmallow Sony Xperia | Source:

  1. Sony Xperia Z5
  2. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
  3. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
  4. Sony Xperia Z3 +
  5. Sony Xperia Z3
  6. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
  7. Sony Xperia Z2
  8. Sony Xperia M5
  9. Sony Xperia C5 Ultra
  10. Sony Xperia M4 Aqua
  11. Sony Xperia C4
  12. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet
  13. Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet
  14. Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet
How, whether smartphones Sony Xperia you have included into the list above?. If Yes, it certainly would be very spots for you, since Android Marshmallows brings a lot ofnew features make smartphone performance getting faster, and able to improvebattery life to make it more durable, as well as having better control applicationpermision compared the operating system Android Lollipop. Interestingly again, Android Marshmallows also supports Android mobile payment system Pay.

Various features of the latest Android owned Marshmallows ready spoiling Sony Xperia Smartphone user. But that made us curious is the presence of features AndroidPay that will change the traditional method of payment method of payment into adigital art technology NFC. Although not new, because the previous Samsung and Apple have introduced payment system construction, however with the newerAndroid Marshmallow expected to further popularize advanced payment system.

There are still many other advanced features of the Android operating system broughtMarshmallows. But it looks like the Sony Xperia smartphone first get Android updateMarshmallows are the kind of premium, including the Sony Xperia, the Xperia SeriesZ5 Z3 +, and Xperia C5 Ultra that has recently been released kepasaran. So you mustbe patient when Sony Xperia smartphone type has long, because not yet determinedwhether it will get an Update to Android Marshmallows or stick with earlier operating systems.

The Official Price Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL - Microsoft has officially introduced its new Microsoft retainer Lumia 950 and 950 XL which became two phones the Prime windows operating system brings his latest 10th.Not just released two new phones, the manufacturer known always diligent inproviding windows based mobile phone is also introducing its newest mobile phonethe two series together with the release of its newest Surface.

The display Windows of the large number of rumors circulating, the second phone ispresented as a premium smartphone that brings the screen beresolusikan 2 k QuadHD (1440 x 2560 pixels) which is for the version of Microsoft Lumia 950 acres ofscreen wearing 5.2 inches with pixel keraptan ~ 573 ppi and for later versions of Microsoft Lumia 950 XL screen carrying the 5.7 inch with has a density of ~ 518 ppi.

Microsoft design Lumia 950 XL
Microsoft design Lumia 950 XL (photo: Microsoft)
Both are also at present alike have a security level of high screen because it's already use anti scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 4 for the series 950 XL and Gorilla Glass forseries 950. Follow-up on the news we get from Digitaltrends page (7/10/2015), in its Microsoft Microsoft officially price Lumia 950 and 950 XL.

Which are both appreciated at a price which is pretty expensive, because for the price of the official Microsoft Lumia 950 alone in value about $ 549 and for official priceMicrosoft Lumia 950 XL is US $ 649. Both are indeed in value at a great price becausethese two devices behind them already carrying the widest 3 GB of Ram.

In addition, both equally in the kitchen with a runway complete Qualcomm hosts onlyfor Microsoft Lumia 950 uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon 808 with align along the CPUspeed Hexa Coren as for XL 950 series wearing a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor usage by 810 Octa Core speed

With the price of Microsoft Official Lumia 950 and 950 XL which is quite expensive,both of which have large enough storage space that is 32 GB Internal memory, withdraw it in both phones later Microsoft also afford expanded up to 200 GB usingmicroSD. Another thing that differentiates from the two is the use of GPU series 950which uses the Adreno 418 and 950 series XL with Adreno 430.

Running Microsoft Windows using OS 10, duo cell phone this one has a camera of the same size that is 20 MP in the back with a triple-RGB LED flash as well as 5 MP on thefront-line as a media selfie. Even with the official price microsoft lumia 950 and 950 XLare expensive, there is one other advantage of two phones, both using USB port Type-C 1.0.

Sector battery, two smartphone has a capacity large enough to offset the needs ofscreen that is often referred to as one of the factors the magnitude of the capacity of the battery in a smartphoe. Well as from the information we get, for the series 950 already provided the battery is sized Li-ion mAh and 3000 series 950 XL already useLi-ion 3340 mAh.

Then his own availability for two on retainer of a smartphone this one in the know will come in November 2015.

He's 5 Deca Core Smartphone Ready In Release - In the smartphone industry today, fighting from a variety of camps has indeed beenyangwajar and commonplace to indicate the quality and their prowess in providinginnovation and new movements in the making smartphones. Even the fierce fight thatthere is in fact not just come from the line of prdodusen smartphones only.

But it also comes from the developers of hardware such as Mediatek or also Qualcomm currently dominates the market still has many gadgets with weapons they have. Well recently had circulated news that Mediatek Middle sibukanby introducing one more soldier's newest fighter namely Helio X20.

Deca Core Smartphone Meizu MX6
Deca Core Smartphone Meizu MX6 (Photo: Phonearena)
The interesting thing about the newest chipset Mediatek presents at this time no longer rely solely on 4 or 8 core is often called a Quad Core and Octa Core, but his latest chipset will carry the work of until the 10 core or Deca Core. Thus it is clearalready that Mediatek wanted one step ahead of Qualcomm who reportedly became popular enough hardware manufacturers.

The presence of processor Core from Mediatek Deca speed of course makes everymobile phone who wear them will be indirectly capable of delivering a very high level of employment and also very smoothly when on the invite to play games also is running or heavy applications together a.k.a. multitasking.

Additionally it is said on the page Phonearena (6/10/2015) that a growing number ofcores that are in use on a chipset smarphone, certainly make power work in theproduce will be high semain. Well of information that we can also mentioned thatcurrently there will be 5 units of Deca Smartphone Cores that are ready to be the fastest phone in the near future. Well what is it?? She is his review.

Meizu MX6

It seems smartphones deca core which is currently at work on one of them will come from company Meizu, Meizu is known in which the Central Administration preoccupied with the development of Meizu MX6. And in explain also the MX6 Meizuis known to be dikelankan using the Chipset Helio X20. And for other specifications isthe legacy of the Meizu MX5 which is currently already available over the counter.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Xiaomi also seems not to be outdone with other smartphone mobile phone manufacturers series. Because of the news that we can, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 which is thelatest phone from Xiaomi is also on call will carry the chipset from Mediatek X20Helio. Which smartphone deca core in this one too sinyalir will present you with a screen covering the span carrying the 5.7 inches like its predecessor series namelyXiaomi Mi Note.

Elephone 9000

Then there is another android phone deca core that would be the best choice at thelevel of our time will come, because according to the website of e-tailer Elephone9000 which is one of the 5 core best deca smartphone, is now already in the can tohave with the conditions of the preorder. This phone is equipped with a screen area of 5.5 inches (Full HD 1080 p) and has a runway of MediaTek chipset are wearing MT6797 deca-core Helio X20.

Oukitel U6

That is not less Interestingly, also called U6 Oukitel will come with a 5-inch sizedscreen panels as the main screen on the back by going on the attach the second screen i.e. ink on the back with a size of 4.7 inch. Be one of serti smartphone decacore associated will come in a time that has not been specified, this allegedly ponsewill also carry the MediaTek chipset Helio X20.

HTC One A9

And in the last position there is a cell phone called the HTC One A9 processor showedDeca Core X20 as the brains of the kitchen was. It is apparent from that mentioned byGeekbench. But other news from this phone in the know will also carry the processorSnapdragon. So the validity of this phone will carry the chipset deca core we just waitits presence.

Now that he's some rumor about deca smartphone cores that possibility immediately or will be soon at present to meet the mobile market in the world. For the news wewait for more details from each manufacturer when ready showing off the productsthat they make.

Oukitel U6 4G, Smartphone With Two Screens - New news again came from mainland china. This time a new Middle manufacturerslaunched a unique smartphone, which is different than the others. Unique here has a meaning distinction in terms on the screen. Especially for smartphones with the nameOukitel U6. The latest smartphone from china manufacturer offers this different thing, which is usually a smartphone using only one screen in the future, but this one for the manufacturer said to another.

Where in the second part of his body, that is the front and back side, pinned by him of the screen, with each size, IPS LCDS 3.1 inch HD-capable or equivalent to 1280 x 720Pixels at the front, while the rear used a type of E-ink LCD screen with landscape 4.7inch, how unique?, isn't it?. Both the screen later can you guys use to run various activities such as the one on an ordinary smartphone.

Oukitel U6 Review
Oukitel U6 Review | Source: Gearbest
But for technology like this is actually not the first, but Oukitel U6 intentionally madeto be able to compete with one of the products of the brand china namedYothaPhone, who had been first pitch free market is china. As reported by theGearBest from the page, the latest smartphone specs equipped complete with a wide range of the latest features, which in addition to the unique, Oukitel U6 also provideda formidable performing processor.

For specifications that are owned by him on the processor, chipset from mediatek in body with serie a MTK6735 64 Bit Architecture, with four core processor in it, which can bring the performance up to run clock speed of 1.3 GHz. then on RAM and GPU,Oukitel U6 rely on 2 GB RAM and the graphics processor of the Mali-T720, that by having all the components, making Oukitel U6 can quickly launch applications , such as gaming, and Multitasking smoothly without any obstacles.

The spacious room is also offered by Okitel U6 towards its users, with internal storagethat can you guys use large format games more, up to a maximum capacity of 16 GB.As for when you feel less with internal storage is performed by Oukitel against thislatest smartphone, you can update the storage expansion with external memory in the form of micro sd up to 64 GB size.

While the use of the system used by Oukitel U6, himself running on the base of android version 5.1, or also known as Android Lollipop, and Interestingly, in OukitelU6 has provided the function of the turn, and that means this samartphone most likely would land on the smartphone market that exists in our country. Not only that,Oukitel U6 has connectivity is complete.

Even for the 4 g LTE and 3 g features that exist on him, can be used nearly all over the world. Then, Oukitel can also be a good liaison, claiming you as a user can use adifferent GSM dual sim Oukitel U6. Other features such as Bluetooth v4.0, GPS, MicroUSB v2.0, and Wi-fi can also be you guys find in Oukitel U6.

In addition, Oukitel supports the existence of a feature has U6 USB On-The-Go, whichcan make you guys can link it to any other device such as keyboard/mouse/Flash diskdirectly through a USB port are available. Turning to the part of photography, there are two high resolution camera with lens and Autofocus with 13MP sized LED Flash onthe back side, and the camera is 5MP large selfie that can produce quality photos, and can also disable townhouse as a media video call via third-party applications, such asskype or viber.

Semenatara seen from the design side, Oukitel U6 overview similar to the iPhone from Apple, which is on the side of framenya using metal material is colored gold, with a dent on the bottom corner there is a white list, which makes it elegant and sleek with a thickness of only reach 8.7 mm. And if you guys want this smartphone, you canorder it directly from the sites selling online as GearBest, there mencatumkan a very affordable price.

For the price of Oukitel U6 harnya its own US $ 269.99, and that you guys still get abonus free ongkir gets to the destination address. How? interested in having and buy it?.

2 phones American BLU Win HD LTE and LTE JR. Official Release - New mobile phone back fill void spaces existing list at list of smartphone right now,and for this time that fill it is Miami United States of origin manufacturer named BLU.This is indeed not a brand new name in the world of smartphones, which itself notessome of the smart phone device with low prices, which is quite tempting to have.Moreover, according to our information pages lansir from GSMarena, two new smartphones serie BLU Win wearing the windows phone OS and have a qualified performance.
Review BLU Win HD LTE
Review BLU Win HD LTE
As in BLU Win HD LTE, which for this serie by BLU on the bekali panel landscape 5.0inch screen, which can make it easier for users to reach out to all the features andapplications that are at the top of the screen, plus a wonderful display of rebellionreached quality 720 p or can be setarakan with HD, make peengguna will feel moresatisfied with BLU Win HD LTE, coming together because can enjoy gambr abovescreen clearer , sharp and rich in color, which will create the feel of playing games andplay movies on the top of the screen is more exciting and fun.

In addition to the screen, the existing runway space at BLU Win HD LTE has adopted achipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC 410 type who membawaih four coreprocesor with clock speed of power grabbing numbers 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53 (64 BitArchitecture), and add a large 1 GB of RAM, making the cell phone that runs on thewindows phone operating system 8.1, can give the look of the interface that is easy to understand with high functionality in , and most importantly, high end games can runseamlessly on windows phone this one.

But unfortunately, what may be the influence of cheap price on BLU Win HD LTE, itonly provide an internal memory of 8 GB, which we think belonged to the less,because it can be sure the system will leave half the storage space, or was left about 4– 5 GB, which when produced large-format Games install just enough 1/2 fruit. And if you want to save the file to another, you expect to add external memory slots using amicro sd. No stop until there only, the user will also be given Dual-SIM sajianfitur and4 g LTE access to reach the broader communication on the side of the internet and communication.

Whereas, in the sector of photography, two cameras in the PIN on the front side and the back of BLU, with the size of the lens in the main section of the full 8MP together with LED Flash and auto focus to maximize results take photos and record video inbright light conditions and when minimal light in order to remain clearly visible. Thenon the front, also provide a selfie camera 2 MP, which can be set as selfie reliablemedia. Then to shore up power, in use batteries with capacity 2500 mAh.
Review BLU Win JR LTE
Review BLU Win JR LTE
Then to serie smartphone BLU Win them again, given the code name JR. LTE, thisversion is the possibility of a serie, because large amounts on the screen has a smaller size with a 4.5 inch, and the user later had to be satisfied with the quality of qHDscreen 480 x 854, which is less sharp in the display image quality at the top of the screen. In addition on the storage and photography, BLU only provides 512 MB of RAM and an internal 4 GB and 5MP camera in the main part and VGA in the front.

But for connectivity, LTE connection dishes and features Dual SIM mobile phone latestaccompany loyal BLU. and to to give more robustness, a battery with a capacity of2000 mAh power supply ready to deliver in a prolonged period on all Chargers.Interestingly again, BLU menjajikan against the users of both windows phhone update,windows update will get 10. To get it to not require a budget much, as for HD seriesLTE in value US $ 122, and JR series LTE USD 91.

How interested?, if yes, may you guys have a lot to be patient, because for a while isthe second newest Smartphones from BLU only can get on AMAZON'S site, and Indiais not yet known whether would rapidly spread in the region outside or not. We just wait it goes, that can be seen to continue through the pages of the news at GadgetXp.

Design Lumia 950 XL - After it was revealed some of the features Microsoft Lumia 950 XL this time circulating leaked about the design in use by Lumia 950 XL which is the first phone that uses Windows 10. This smartphone is scheduled to be introduced on this day 6 October 2015.

Such as quoted from PhoneArena (5/10/2015), different languages back part body pictures leaked from Lumia 950 XL. From the image displayed is very clear that the design of Lumia 950 XL doesn't use the Unibody design. This means that the battery can 942 Lumia XL off. In addition to revealing the design, the picture also shows the battery capacity Lumia 950 XL is 3440 mAh, this capacity belongs to quite large.

XL 950 Lumia design turned out like this
XL 950 Lumia design turned out like this | Source: Phonearena, @stagueve
In addition to the bears as the first 10 Windows Smartphone, Microsoft Lumia 950 XL also break the assumption a Smartphone designer always uses Flagship Lumia unibody. Whereas before, the Unibody Design has always been a hallmark of Microsoft's Flagship Smartphone. Of the image that came to light also makes it clear that he supports a Microsd slot, a large capacity but have not yet revealed whether the 128 GB or 64 GB.

The presence of this news is certainly becoming a complement the Microsoft rumor Lumia 950 XL previously uncover the features and specifications that he used. Specifications of Microsoft's own XL 950 Lumia will wear the screen size 3.5 Inches with a resolution of Quad HD. Chipsetnya wear a Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset which the 810 was also used by Sony Xperia Z3 +. While the RAM he used capacity of 3 GB. See its specifications, it belongs to pamper its users later.

Pull it again, the camera is behind Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is said to be wearing a resolution of 8 MP which provided lensanya features PureView and OIS. In addition to these two features, the Lumia 950 XL will also wear a Triple LED Flash which is a latest buzz from Microsoft's Flagship Smartphone competition realm. Microsoft will also bring a small series of Lumia 950 XL i.e. Lumia 950 which uses a screen measuring 3.2 Inches, its specifications do not differ too far from its largest Variant.