Specification of Huawei Honor Play 5x according to FCC

GadgetXp.com - As one of the world's major smartphone manufacturers, Huawei has great contribution in terms of the creation of the technology that existed at the time, especially that used by him in order to compete against its competitors in the competition is so tight. Where each manufacturer of smartphone always create new technological innovation every time, regardless of time, as this is now done by Huawei with designing a new smartphone device dubbed the Huawei Honor Play 5 x (KIW-L22).

Doubt it will be quality? one thing that may not need you guys think again, how not,as manufacturer of smartphone which has been ranked the third largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Certainly himself never messing around while creating a smartphone. And that the claim was proven by 5.5 inch display panel which has the ability of resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel Full HD or equivalent, which can make all the activities above the screen, especially in the run game and video, all look clearer and sharper.

The design of the Huawei Honor Play 5x
The design of the Huawei Honor Play 5x | Source: Phonearena, timesnews
Interestingly again, offered from phonearena pages, says Huawei Honor Play 5x has been certified by the FCC, and revealed when the device is the latest Smartphones from Huawei equippedp sensor fingerprints could be found under the play camera, or rather placed on the back cover. Thus allowing users to access it easily. While at the side of the runway space, embedded chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon the 615 in otaki eight processor with 1.5 GHz clock speed reached and Adreno GPU on the 405.

The existence of both of these core components, of course, would make him able to run heavy activities such as games of weighted seamlessly. 2 GB RAM will bestreng then ed specially, made rich all went smoothly in the way tolls deh anyway.Other variations are also offered by Huawei with a selection of RAM greater, i.e. 3 GB to maximize performance out of the processor is better. Then on the side of storage,loose space provided by Huawei, which can be loaded with games in large quantitiesup to a 16 GB limit on the internal side.

In addition, you are also given the opportunity to expand the use of microSD storageup to 128 GB, 
while on the part of operating system Android, Huawei make 5.1 (Lollipop) as the basis for user interface EMUI 3.1 typical of huawei, with display ofmenus and icons are different from on that is owned by another smartphone, which is certainly more interesting and not boring. Then in the section variants, found Huawei Honor Play 5 x support 4G LTE internet access plus 3 g, and wi-fi wireless connectivity,Bluetooth 2.1 and GPS.

Not only to stay there alone, according to the existing page at the FCC, huawei HonorPlay 5 x using a large battery 3000 mAh, which has great staying power belongs in a single charger. Whereas when viewed from the dimensions of the size, the latest smart phone device from Huawei is slender with a thickness of 8.15 mm, as well as light weight 158 grams. At least there will be two color choices provided by Huawei, including Sunset Gold and Silver.

Code name Huawei Honor Play 5x
Code name Huawei Honor Play 5x | Source: Phonearena

Furthermore if you ask a question of price, though it's too early to discuss this onething, considering that huawei has not yet officially announced against the public. But according to the page the information we get, estimates if Huawei Honor Play 5x can be obtained starting from $157 for the 2 GB version, and the version 3 GB Huawei predicted would drop it in the range of $220. Then to find out it will be the continuation of the latest information from smartphones capable of this one, you guys can see the News pages continue to exist in the GadgetXp.

Rumors Samsung Galaxy A9 Use Snapdragon 620

GadgetXp.com - Again rumors of Hp Samsung Galaxy A9 back visible in one database Benchmark software, where the results of these tests are certainly becoming a reference point for every new mobile phone samsung lovers who have been impatiently look forward to welcoming the latest samsung mobile phones. Footpath along Geekbenck, clearly a known phones using Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset SoC 620 (MSM8976).

Interestingly again as reported by the GadgetXp.com from GSMarena page (23/11/2015), these phones have upon the model number A9000 BC-. Even not only shows the model number only, on a database that unfolds from the site Geekbench Browser, Hp Samsung Galaxy A9 is also seen using the Android operating system Lollipop.

Rumors Samsung Galaxy A9
Rumors Samsung Galaxy A9 (Photo: GSMarena)
In addition still in terms of hardware, on the latest mobile phones in claims being hp Samsung Galaxy A9 is also seen to have a Core Procesor Octa will be side by side with the 620 and Snapdragon chipset running at four core ARM Cortex-A72 and four other core running on ARM Cortex-A53.

While when viewing an image that tertara above, it looks like Hp Samsung Galaxy A9it will use a size 3 GB of Ram will certainly work perfectly to accompany other hardware devices. While other than on the picture look model number, organ meatsand a capacity of ram that will be in use, as you guys can see, there are also test results from hp benckmark samsung.

Where from the picture above, can conclude that the hp Samsung Galaxy A9 with model number A9000 BC-retains the score reached 1446 core single and multi-channel testing on the outermost corenya able to grab score 4134. Where two numbers from the test, could also be in katkan is much better than the news about this phone on last September which is only able to grab score 1325 only.

With gunakannya chipset, ram, processors to the operating system that they are holding in be said that the results of the score, one capable of beating score from810 Snapdragon. However, the validity of this phone will use mobile phone series a bove, we just wait further news from Samsung, in addition to showing the specifications of Samsung Galaxy A9, sources also written that Samsung is reportedly working to create the device is the successor to the Galaxy Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 Samsung Galaxy as well.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Mobile Phone Be So Mini Entry-level

GadgetXp.com - After the previous samsung mobile phone media shocking their latest Samsung W2016 are known to be present with the price is quite fantastic $1500, as well assome time it also appears rumor Samsung Galaxy Samsung A9, this time back reportedly working to prepare cheap Samsung Galaxy smartphone variant of J1 mini.

A new variant of Samsung Galaxy J1 was also in ketaui become the entry-level phone with a price range which can be said quite affordable shuttle later. emergence of rumors Samsung Galaxy J1 mini was first seen on the page GFXbench, and Spreadtrum Zauba database. From that database, clearly evident in new mobile phones being returned, this product code Samsung SM-J105F.

Spesification Samsung Galaxy J1 mini BC-J105F
Samsung Galaxy J1 mini BC-J105F (photo: GSMarena)
The new information we get from GSMarena page (23/11/2015) also includes a number of proof pictures which one can you guys see above. Where in the picture look Samsung Galaxy J1 mini note will have a SC8830 in Spreadtrum chipset combine with Quad Core processor speed of 1.5 Ghz.

Then sector on its screen, is still the same as her first series, the latest Samsung handset which is now called as Samsung Galaxy J1 mini is also seen offers a screen measuring 4.3 inches with picture quality HD 480 x 800 pixels. Then enteron other specs, Samsung Galaxy J1 Hp mini also caught will be using Ram 1 GB size.

Where such capacity would certainly make this phone a little more perfect because we know that on his first series of Samsung just put 512 MB-sized Ram only. As for its storage capacity is also seprtinya will expand from a 4 GB in 8 GB as being promised increased capacity Ram is also invisible already on the increase.

The ability to work will be perfect with the attractive look of the TouchWiz UI with base operating system Android Lollipop 5.1.1 also seem to be adorn the latest cell phone Samsung Galaxy J1 mini. Even in the know Samsung Galaxy J1 mini is just INR3368 (about $50).

Pull it again, the data model number SM-J206F also looks at the website ofspreadtrum. But from the news that we get was simply not completely related pronouncements when Samsung Galaxy J1 mini it will at present, if you guys are curious we wait for further news from Samsung along with associated right sturdiness specifications Samsung Galaxy J1 mini.

iPhone 7 Would Get 3GB RAM and features water resistant

GadgetXp.com - Apple, the brand is quite phenomenal in the smartphone universe, where her always bring the hoopla on every launch of its newest smartphone, as was recently the case, which itself has launched a handset with the label name of the iPhone and the iPhone Plus 6s 6 regular, with value sales so high, even his fans long for the sake of being willing to be able to get one of the new handset which was created by Apple.

Pull it again, after the success of the second device will be its newest smartphones, Apple said are designing the next generation iPhone nickname given 7. Many news bereredar said, if the latest draft would get the change significantly invarious sectors, especially at the runway space and features. Offered from GSMarena page, who has been getting the latest information from one of the leading research body named TrendForce.

iPhone 7
iPhone 7 | Source: wccftech, GSMarena
The body of research suggests, that there will be two things that are so prominent on the iPhone. The first part of RAM, of which Apple would provide the size 3 GB. Then sector superior, next generation feature which is designed by Apple, thisbrings the waterproof feature, or in the language of ngetrenndya Waterproofing. The second feature is certainly nothing new, considering most smartphones in the current moment this is already much that makes those features as the main onefor highlighted against the user.

Not only that, the upscale features we mentioned earlier, the possibility will only be given on the plus version of the iPhone.As for the appearance before the public official, may be two versions of the iPhone's new 7 will be introduced officially asthe second half of 1999. A long time well, but with the lapse of time away from the appearance of the iPhone 6, surely beenough time to explore the capabilities of earlier generations, to later proceed with replacing it with the latest version ofthe iPhone, that is 7.

Even TrenForce estimating the reserved sales of Apple products, particularly particulary smartphone iPhone 7, would increase 12.5% of sales ever won by gnerasi terdahulunya. With the value of the sale to reach 260 million iPhone in the next year. Such high numbers are certainly not without reason, because it is based upon the sales of smartphones iPhone fromyear to year. 
And does not cover the possibility, with such sales will beat one competitor as the elements called samsung.

Then to find out it will be a continuation of the information we've got, you can keep the page news in GadgetXp,

Obi Worldphone SF1 Phone Lacking Specification Large

GadgetXp.com - Mobile phone with the specifications steadily continue to appear this year. Many vendors recently issued a series of smartphone that is able to satisfy its users. OBI Worldphone is one of the company's new smartphone that shake the world market with mobile phones great lacking specification. OBI Worldphone SF1 is one of the best current smartphone series when viewed from its specifications.

OBI Worldphone SF1 elegantly designed with a wrap of black color and has a thickness of 8 mm. thick but some what despite the size of this phone is simply gripped hands due to the prolific 146 x 74 mm. As for does it weigh myself quite mild with 147 g cell phone has a landscape screen 5 Inch Full HD resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels IPS panel which brought inside.

Obi Worldphone SF1
Obi Worldphone SF1

For reserved performance Obi Worldphone SF1 needs no doubt because it bringsquality Snapdragon chipset 615. As for the kitchen was alone this phone gives Octa Core 64 bit speed 1.7 GHz as offered from FoneArena (20/11/2015) so it is verypowerful tool for all of you who crave a top class performance. Whereas in terms ofGPU already confirmed by series Andreno 405 so gaming performance cooler.

There are 2 options for memory and RAM where the value of the first option is 2 GB of RAM with 16 GB internal memory ROM. As for the second option provided with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal memory, cool is not it? Matter of multitasking can already ascertained run smoothly without lag. To own storage problem you guys can expand capacity through microSD up to 64 GB.

Obi Worldphone Phone SF1
Obi Worldphone Phone SF1
A question of operating system, Obi Worldphone SF1 already provided with the Android Lollipop 5.0.2 so that their performance is very good especially in the management of RAM and battery. As for the question of camera Obi Worldphone SF1 also has the specs. Reported by the official website of Obi Worldphone, this phonehas a camera with a resolution of 4208 13MP main × 3120 pixels.

The main camera quality is evidenced by the Sony Exmor IMX214 sensor usage as wellas f/2.0 Aperture. The main camera it also Selian is already provided with Auto Focus and LED Flash so as to increase steady photo results are presented. For the front camera also dogged use 5 MP resolution 2592 × 1944 pixels. Steady performance also supported the front camera with LED flash so to selfie or video call more clear results.

The question of connectivity also dogged supported Dual Sim 4 g LTE technology. In addition there is also WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth for other types of connectivity. While the battery-Li-ion himself powerless 3000 mAh can through standby 480 hours and talk time 1680 minutes. Obi Worldphone SF1 reportedly will be marketed at a price of $ 288.87